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My platform throughout pageantry is being a voice for those who suffer with chronic illnesses as well as speaking up about this matter and raising awareness of it.

Pageants have allowed me to take my platform to a completely new level. I’ve had the opportunity to feature in various Newspapers and magazines raising awareness of some of the chronic health issues I live with; I’ve taken the chance to educate people on chronic health issues through my Facebook page for my title of Miss East Lothian Galaxy 2016/17; I’ve participated in awareness days and most importantly of all I’ve given people a true insight into what life is like as a sufferer of chronic illness.

I’m nearly 23 years old and since the age of 14 I’ve suffered with chronic illnesses. The ones which have the biggest impact upon my life are: brittle asthma (severe and uncontrolled asthma); allergies; anaphylaxis (life-threatening allergic reactions); seizures and somatic/functional vomiting which has resulted in me requiring an NG feeding tube.

Millions of people worldwide suffer with chronic nicole-gray-3illness and that is one of the biggest reasons for my choosing it as my platform for competing in pageants. Many different chronic illnesses exist, they exhibit a range of different signs and symptoms affecting different systems within the body and everyone experiences chronic illness differently. Having a chronic illness can have a massive impact upon your life. Whilst some people can go about their everyday life with not much influence others are not so fortunate and suffer daily effects from their health problems. It can affect so many different aspects of your life and to different extents. Personally speaking my chronic illnesses have affected my education; career; relationships of every sort; confidence and self-esteem to name a few.

Throughout my journey with pageants I have been very open and honest about my health issues and the implications of them. I try to be a voice for those who are not as fortunate as myself of having the ability to inform and educate people about what they endure. I try to show that even if you have something wrong with you, be it physical or mental, you can still succeed. Chronic illness can often destroy your self-esteem and you’re left with no confidence feeling like you aren’t beautiful, pageants allow me to show that even though you may suffer you are beautiful too.

nicole-gray-2I feel something that makes me even more keen to speak out is that not only do I live with invisible chronic illnesses but I have a very visible sign that I am ill. I have a feeding tube on my face which everyone can see. I first was given a feeding tube back in March 2015 after struggling to maintain my own oral nutrition due to being sick after everything I tried to eat and drink. When I was first faced with having a feeding tube I felt embarrassed about it; I felt ashamed; it had a completely detrimental effect on my self-esteem and left me wanting to isolate myself. I entered Miss Galaxy Scotland because I wanted something positive in my life to show myself that even though I am faced with this it doesn’t change the person I am.

I am so grateful to have the chance to speak out about this and use this as my platform. I hope to continue my awareness work in my future pageant journey and show everyone that an illness or set of symptoms doesn’t have to define you as a person.

If anyone would like to follow my pageant journey and learn more about my awareness work please feel free to follow my facebook page:

Nicole (Miss East Lothian Galaxy 2016/17) x


Invisible Illness

My name is Tracey Anson am forty one year’s old and married with two daughter’s.

You may be asking what makes me different and why do pageants . This is why I recently got diagnosed with Ehler Dan Los Hyper-mobility which means I have a faulty collagen gene and it is hereditary. For which I have baby soft skin , young looks , bruise easily , stretchy skin , dislocate my joints but inside am a eighty five year old and my internal organs are shutting down and my stomach cannot absorb food , nutrients and vitamins so am fed by a PEG ( a feeding tube into my stomach ) . As am completely nil by mouth so am on a special liquid food and feed over twenty four hours with breaks every two hours for water flushes through my PEG . Then in June 2015 I was diagnosed with Kidney cancer and had surgery to remove my tumour and have a kidney. Continue reading “Invisible Illness”

The Pageant Mum Truth

‘I can’t believe you actually let your daughter compete in a pageant’

‘Most mothers who put their kids in pageants are just trying to relive their own youth’

‘That’s disgusting. Imagine allowing people to judge your child on her looks.’

These are things that as a ‘Pageant Mum’ I’ve had said to my face on more than one occasion. I dread to think what people say behind my back but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Parenting is one of those occupations where it is impossible to get it right. It doesn’t matter what choices you make for your family, someone, somewhere, will have something to say about it. Continue reading “The Pageant Mum Truth”

From The Beginning – Laura Scurr

Hello it’s your Miss Teen Tyneside Galaxy here, and I’m here to tell you all about how my pageant journey all started.

Ever since the age of 9 i dreamed of walking the catwalk and becoming a model, I was always a larger child and used to get bullied for my weight and size, this really knocked my confidence down and felt I was never going to be worthy on stage. I started a journey of losing weight and started re-gaining my confidence. A set back on my weight loss journey was unfortunately I developed anorexia which put me in hospital which then again decreased my confidence, self-esteem and ability to look beautiful.
Continue reading “From The Beginning – Laura Scurr”

A True Inspiration

We’ve all heard the saying “Smile, you never know who is falling in love with it.” But I also like to think, “Try your best, you never know who your inspiring”.

There are many inspiring ladies within the pageant community, but for me I think top billing goes to the remarkable Harriotte Lane.

At the age of 13 Harriotte decided to get into fundraising, it was a suggested part of a pageant she was competing in. The pageant suggested doing bake sales, washing cars to raise some money etc, but Harriotte had bigger plans. Her first event was a fashion show with over 400 guests and 120 students taking part. That night she raised an Continue reading “A True Inspiration”

How It All Began – Freya Taylor

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Freya Jane Taylor and I’m your Miss Dunbartonshire Galaxy. This is the title that I’ve become known for over the past three years but my pageant journey began over 1000 miles away from Dunbartonshire. I’ve been competing in pageants for just almost 4 years now; but if you’d have asked me back in 2012 “Would you ever compete in a beauty pageant?” the answer would have been a flat out “No”. Gracie Hart’s answer in Miss Congeniality describes my relationship with pageantry perfectly. I never used to understand pageants or why Continue reading “How It All Began – Freya Taylor”

My First Pageant – Niamh Kimpton

Entering my first pageant, I had no idea what to expect. I was a complete outsider with no experience. What I was not expecting was the amazing fun, memories and experiences it would give me.

When I opened my finalist letter for Miss Teen Great Britain, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was given clear instructions on what to do and how the weekend would be by Holly and her brilliant team, that made the weekend run without a hiccup and even though I had never done a pageant, I felt prepared. The day before the pageant we had the Continue reading “My First Pageant – Niamh Kimpton”

UK Power Pageant Review

First of all, before I start my review I will explain what the UKPP is. It is the only pageant in the UK that crowns 8 new queens on one night. All finalists have a quadruple chance of winning a title. The tiles up for grabs are; Miss International UK, Miss Intercontinental England, Scotland and Wales. Miss Grand England, Scotland and Wales and World Supermodel UK. All of the winners get to represent team UK in many different countries around the world in each international final.

Going to the UK Power Pageant was the first time I have ever been to watch one of Holly’s pageants and to sum it up, it has made me even more excited to compete in Galaxy next March. The venue was truly breath taking, the location was a perfect choice to host the first ever UKPP. The stage had been lengthened compared to how it normally is for Galaxy which I felt it gave the girls more of an opportunity to WOW the judges. I really hope they keep the same layout for Galaxy. This pageant is classed as natural but don’t underestimate the amount of sparkle you could fit into one room. There was a total of three rounds (not including opening) which the girls got judged on; interview, swimwear and evening wear, and after speaking to some judges it was a tough competition from the very start. My favourite swim wear would have to be the newly crowned Miss Grand Wales, Rachel Tate as choosing to have a high cut leg bikini bottom, made her legs look even longer on stage. My favourite evening wear would have to be Sharon Gaffka (Miss Oxfordshire International 2016) who wore a stunning Mac Duggal purchased from Just Boutique. The off the shoulder added elegance and I personally loved the heavily embellished top half of the dress with bottom half being plane. Even though I haven’t competed in this pageant I would definitely recommended it to any one who wants to compete (no experience needed) as what I’ve heard from the girls is that it is a fun weekend and you will make so many amazing memories.

Can’t wait for next years UKPP,

Emily Jane Redfern

Miss Teen Nottingham Galaxy 2016/17



As most of us have, I’ve been raising money for The Christie Cancer Charity.  I’m sure all of us have been touched by this awful disease in some way whether it be a loved one or a friend, who have fought with and survived or lost to its callousness.  I decided I also wanted to concentrate on a local organisation that is close to my family’s heart and one I wasn’t aware of its existence until tragedy hit.  Like everything in life, you don’t know what is out there until you’ve experienced it.

In October 2013, my step daughter was expecting our 2nd grandson, George.  She went to Continue reading “#scarletteve”

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