I’m not 100% sure what it was about the Galaxy system that made me want to apply over all the others. I guess it was a bit of a combination. It popped up in a few place during my initial search and the website was easy to use and well put together. If you don’t know me, a well put together website might seems a nuts reason, but for me I find it a reassuring factor in decision making. All the information I needed was there, plus smiling faces of young ladies looking more fabulous than I could have previously imagined. Beyond that there was just something about Galaxy that drew me in. Again a little nuts I know, but part of me believes I didn’t choose Galaxy, it chose me. I strongly believe life pulls us towards things we need. I needed to be a part of Galaxy.

My category was to be the last of three days of competition. So I had two days to get used to the venue and two nights of finals to watch. Apart from the odd snippet on YouTube I was yet to see an actual pageant. So on that first night of finals, it was like I had never seen snow before.

To start with I was hugely overwhelmed and felt incredibly unprepared. I’ll cover this more in a future entry, but lets just say I saw things I didn’t know existed, that are now wardrobe staples in my life. The further the night went on, the more I felt lifted and inspired. These incredible young ladies had all worked so hard and I had been following their stories only, now stood on that stage chasing their dreams. As the night drew towards the crowing I left mildly emotional and even shed a tear during crowning. You couldn’t help feel the pure joy of the winner. That’s when I knew this was something I really wanted to be part of.

I honestly had no idea what I was coming into. My clothes, shoes, walk and attitude were all wrong. But I was ready and willing to learn, and so my journey began, a journey that is helping me become the best version of me I can be.Like I