I am a big believer in, why put off until tomorrow what you can do today. I often look at my diary and think, “wow, today is busy, lets move (such and such) to the next day.” Bu the little voice in my head always stops me, because it is highly likely that the next day will bring with it something new.

It was this train of thought that kick started this blog. I wanted to do it. I had a little pocket of time, so I got straight on it. Unfortunately, this meant I started just before a week away on holiday and so have been a little quiet, not ideal. I hope you will forgive me. However, it gave me the idea for my next post.

To many a Beauty Queen the concept of R&R (rest and relaxation), seem unbelievably foreign. I mean really who has the time. Between workouts, appearances, charity work, outfit research, outfit design, outfit shopping, working on our platforms, our empires, school work, work work and then the 3 extra jobs we have to pay for all the pageant fun. A beauty queens life is never quite and once you have the crown, there is the huge responsibility of making the most of your year, as so many wonderful queens have before.

But R&R is so important. I even factor it in my diary. Everyone’s R&R is different, usually dictated by personality, budget and what else you do in your life. If you’re a gardener by trade, its unlikely gardening will be your chosen R&R. But if you sit in an office all day, gardening might be your idea of heaven.

One of my personal favorites is very easy to fit in and it also gives back. Every day I have to commute to work (3-6 times a week, as I also work from home) I set a side either the train in or out to just read. The phones go off, the laptop away and I just read. I’m a big fan of the self help guide at the moment, or books that fuel my spiritual side, but the odd trashy, chick book appears too. Not only does this really help me to distress and relax, its also massively improved the speed of my reading, which due to dyslexia, was a big issue for me. Its just 30 – 40 minutes, 3 – 6 times a week, but it massively improves my mood, sleep, energy, and general quality of my life.

Another favourite, but less frequent, is getting a massage. As a professional health and fitness geek (that’s my technical title), some if not all of my is always in a healthy level of pain, (DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness). So to keep myself functioning this is often key, but it also gives me 60 – 90 minutes of stillness. Soft floaty music and nothing to do but relax. Sadly they are not cheap and the good ones often need more notice than my work life allows me to give, but every 6 – 8 weeks they become a need and not a want, so I find the time.

My last two favorites go hand in hand perfectly, sofa time and cuddles. Did you know you need 12 hugs a day to grow as a person? Not entirely sure there is any science behind that, but I’ll take it anyway. Don’t get me wrong there is fine line between sofa time and wasting your life in front of the box! TV is the drainer of getting stuff done. If you don’t have enough time to do something you should or want to do, take a serious look at home much TV you watch. Enjoy it, but don’t let it take over. Anyway back to cuddles… Without these magic and free moments, I’m no way near my best. So grab you mum, sister, other half or even just a friend and cuddle up, for an hour of amazing R&R.

So that’s some examples of how, now for the why.

Mind – When you are well rested (not just slept) your mind is functioning at its best. You will make much better choices and be more productive. The time you have set aside for work or pageant preparations will reap many more rewards. If you are constantly on the go, you will soon crash and this will just bring with it more work in the long term.

Body – Did you know stressed bodies have slower metabolisms’? Spiked stress hormones can lead to you piling on the pounds, which let’s be honest is not the goal of many beauty queens I know. Stress and tired also leads to bad food choices, grabbing that quick fix rarely ends well for the swimsuit round. Plus tired and sluggish means that you will not be presenting your best side at appearances and certainly not on stage.

So, however you get your rest and relaxation, make sure it has an important pace in your diary and your pageant preparations.