I’m lucky to have experienced a lot in my short life so far. I’ve had many adventures and jumped at most opportunities. I’ve lived, loved and laughed. I have done things I’m incredible proud of and things I’m not so keen on, but of everything I have done by far the most controversial thing seems to be the passion I have developed for health and fitness.

We are currently living in a world that is more likely to voice support for those who are obese then those who are healthy. God forbid they be passionate about it too. Now I do have some strong opinions about people saying it’s okay to be overweight, but that’s not what I am writing about today. That’s a battle for another time. What I find harder and harder to deal with is the negativity projected onto those who are being positive. It took me a lot of hard work and focus to turn my life around and I was only a size 16, but my unhealthy habits weren’t just my diet and exercise, they were also the habit of a negative mind. Despite some horrific events in the last 12 months, beyond my control, I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. Yet it’s within these last 12 months that I’ve received not support or positivity for the amazing change to my mind and body, but worry, concern and most defiantly negativity. It worryingly seems okay to go out partying once or twice a week, or have half a bottle of wine each night, or have. continuous processed foods, and friends don’t jump and say they are concerned. Is it we don’t like to see people achieve more or live better then us, I honestly don’t think so, I think we just don’t realise what we are doing, which is much more worrying.

For example, your friend is taking a break from his/her partner, how often do you say let go for a bike ride, a walk, a Zumba class, kick about in the park? But how often do you say lets go out drinking, order pizza, eat our body weight in chocolate? We pile negative, on negative and expect a positive.
It scares me that we live in a world where we prioritise maintaining our car, over maintaining our bodies and updating our wardrobe, over updating the fridge with fresh food. It scares me more that I used to be like that, but it scares me most that people I love are doing harm to themselves day in and day out without a second thought.
Of course it’s important to me that my friends and family are fit and healthy! I want them to live long, energetic, full of everything they want lives. Fit and healthy isn’t a six-pack or 6 X 2 hour sessions a week or only eating raw plants. It’s about looking after your body, real foods, keeping active and mobile. It’s up to you to what extreme you take it to, I just want you healthy and happy. I honestly believe you can’t have one without the other. Treat your own body like its someone you love, someone you would miss if they were no longer around.

I’ve been able to tune out some of the negativity, but there were people so negative, so unwilling to change and so poisonous to my life that in the end I chose to put myself first and just cut them out. I use the #itsallaboutyou because I believe you need to put yourself first. Only at your best, can achieve your best. Only then can you be the best, best mum, best friend, boss, employee, charity fundraiser, etc.
So don’t let other people’s negativity consume you, and you know what if you don’t care enough about yourself and those you love to not be negative, keep it in your head, write in a journal but stop thinking its a good idea to mock, belittle, make a joke of or in anyway project your negativity onto someone’s positive life.