A true pageant contestant knows that you never lose a beauty pageant. You either win or learn. Over a week after competing for the second time in Miss Galaxy England and I am still beaming with joy and excitement for what I have achieved. With this level of happiness in my heart it’s hard not to feel like a winner. So here are my top 5 tips to be a winner, when you didn’t take home the crown.

1. Know why you are competing.

If you just want a sparkly crown you will automatically be a loser, even if you get your hands on it. If you have a bigger purpose and you are open to learning from the experience you will always gain from competing. You should always know why you want to win and what you would bring to the title. It’s a huge responsibility, but in the hands of someone without passion for their purpose it is just a burden.

2. Be prepared.

If you know what you are coming into, stage shape, styles of walks, how every outfit will look etc, then you can relax and enjoy the day. I love the rehearsal day, getting to know all the other ladies, getting all sparkled up, but the first time I competed I was in a total state of panic, because everyone (and I really do mean everyone) was more organised then I was. My second trip to Miss Galaxy and so many commented on how confident I was. I wasn’t particularly confident as such, I was calm. I had planned my walks, new my platforms and had an action plan for getting ready and every change. Zen, I was just zen.

3. Do your best.

I know it’s sounds obvious, but if you have done all you can, then you can breath and relax. Although, not too relaxed. I will add not to get drunk before crowning. Emotions will be running high best not make a drunken donkey of yourself.

4. Support the other ladies.

If you have made an effort to get to know each other, you have supported each other and you don’t win, at least one of your new friends has. You can then be happy for her. I was asked in my interview what I would want in a winner, if it wasn’t me and I would say my answer fits the new Miss Galaxy England pretty well. Poise and passion (for a cause or platform). Had I not got a chance to speak to our new queen, I wouldn’t have know how much she embodies both. Your new queen will be representing you, so be proud of her.

5. You don’t lose, you learn.

I have said this would be my last pageant for the foreseeable future. A statement I am already regretting but trying to stick to. However, lessons learnt from pageants are not just for pageants. It’s a fairly long list I am taking away from competing, but some of my favourites are…

How to stay focused.

What colours I suit.

How to give a rounded answer.

How to do my makeup.

And most importantly how to be proud of myself.

It doesn’t matter how many YouTube clips you watch, until you have to put something into practice, it’s very hard to really learn it. With all this new knowledge, how can you not feel like a winner.

So that’s my top 5 tips. Whether you are heading into your next pageant, your first pageant or simply learning from your most recent one, I really hope they help.

Don’t forget… Someone has to win, next time it could be you.


Photo credit – Paul Carroll