If you look in the mirror,
What do you see,
See the same old face,
Looking back at me,
Is it Happy,
Is it Sad,
Are there wrinkles,
To make you mad,
Watched it change,
From year to year,
Mounting troubles,
Mounting fears,
You do you see,
Whats deep inside,
A heart of gold,
That’s full of pride,
And with each day,
You grow and grow,
Suddenly you’re someone,
You would want to know.
Arriving for my Galaxy Finals week in February 2016, its became so clear to me how little I knew of myself this time last year. I had been through a lot in my life, (nothing compared to some, I’m sure.) Yet I don’t believe I had fully understood the lessons learnt from all those journeys.
We so often find ourselves suck, unable or unwilling to grow and change. But the truth is, if we let ourselves, we are changing every day, bit by bit. We just need to remove the barriers we place on ourselves. When you look in the mirror, whether you are looking at the outside or further within yourself, you are not seeing how you are now, you are seeing the results of who you were.
It’s only when we accept the current state of affairs as changeable that we can truly change. Little by little, step by step. It all adds up until you look in the mirror and you find you are looking at someone you know. I spent years being just a reflection of those around me, from copying how they dressed, walked and talked, to copying how they dealt with life. While the externals are easier to change, new shoes, new hair style, I constantly battled with myself, as what I was doing, just didn’t feel right or true to myself. I spent so much time mirroring others, of course when I looked in the mirror what did I see… not me.
I’m sure I have more learning to do, more growing to do and more changing to do, but at least now I know change is possible. I am willing, wanting and open to it. Everyday I will discover more about me, who I am, who I was and who I can be.


Photo Credit – Paul Carroll