There’s a reason why beauty queens are known for their beautiful smiles and it’s not just because of the Vaseline we apparently all put on out teeth, something I am yet to try. A smile is universal. A smile is a sign of happiness and kindness. A smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear.

Living in London we have a reputation for being grumpy and miserable. A couple of months before moving back from Cornwall I visited friends in our capital city. While sat on the tube I smiled broadly at the lady sitting opposite. The friend I was travelling with strongly drug me in the ribs, and whispered in my ear, “you can’t smile at people in London, you’ll get stabbed!”. I’d like to point out that it was 3:30pm on a sunny Friday in August and we were in South Kensington, not exactly a danger zone.

For me a smile is the greatest gift you can share. For one it’s easy, you just flex a few facial muscles. It costs you nothing but a split second of kindness and you can change someone’s day.

Despite my friends comment I continued and still continue to smile at people all around London. Some may smile back, some don’t acknowledge, some look away and then some look mildly terrified. But one will always stick with me. While stood waiting to leave the train, oddly again at South Kensington, I smiled at a lady stood opposite. She let out a massive sigh of relief. “Oh thank god, I’ve ha a terrible day and you have just restored my faith in humanity.” She said. Now if that isn’t a reason to smile I don’t know what is.

Smiling lifts the souls of those around you, but it can also lift your own soul and spirit. Next time your feeling down, try it. Just wander around smiling, smile at people, smile at yourself, at flowers, at dogs, at things that annoying you and feel your mood lift.

Smiling is a great networking or friend making tool. In a room full of people, you are much more likely to spark a conversation with a smile on your face.

A smile is this best accessory you can add to any look and to any outfit. You are not complete without a smile. It lifts your cheeks, brightens your eyes and even changes your voice. As my singing teachers would also pester me to do, smile while you sing and hear the colour flood into your voice.

A smile isn’t just for the stage, make it a natural part of your life and feel the joy it brings to you and those around you.


Who cares what they’re wearing

On Main Street, Or Saville Row,

It’s what you wear from ear to ear

And not from head to toe, that matters.


So, Senator, So, Janitor,

So long for a while, remember,

You’re never fully dressed without a smile!