The second in the series, More Misdemeanours takes the reader behind the scenes of the pageant world, with fascinating tales revealing both the guts, and the glory, that go hand in hand with the smiles and the glamour we see on stage.

Sally-Ann’s delivery weaves together interviews and firsthand accounts with facts and
context, to not only make sense of some of the most scandalous stories in pageantry, but also to unravel how pageants have played their part (for better or worse) through some of the world’s most challenging and turbulent times.

An honest and refreshing read, the short chapters are bursting with research yet are highly entertaining and easy to digest. Suitable for all ages, this book is a must-read for anyone who has ever wondered what really goes on behind the bright lights of showbiz!

Written by Lyndsey Beckwith – Miss Aberdeen Galaxy 2016/17