Being Miss Teen York Galaxy has provided me with countless opportunities and life experiences, those of which I am incredibly fortunate to have. That is why I believe it is crucial to have a platform as a title holder; in order to give back to your community and to those who are not as fortunate. As a subject very personal to me, fostering has been a fantastic platform, allowing me to promote and engage people in an important cause.

Fostering has been an intrinsic element of my life from the age of six, with my mum and I fostering for Barnardos. Currently we foster for York City council, with my foster brother having lived with me for five years. Although fostering can never be considered easy, it has taught me so much and truly enriched my life.

Throughout my journey of pageantry I have promoted fostering for York City council, mainly providing insight into how they can support foster siblings. Being a foster sibling is an incredibly rewarding experience, yet sharing your home, your life and your love with another person that has been through so much is demanding and these young people need support.
I also aid York City council through helping recruit new foster careers. Below are statistics from the Fostering Network showing the need for more foster families.

The more families that foster, the more children are placed in appropriate and stable placements that won’t break down.

I am so grateful to the Galaxy system for enabling me to promote a platform so close to my heart and I hope reading this people are inspired to find out more about fostering and the impact it has.

If anyone has any questions about my experience as a foster sister than please don’t hesitate to email me at

Further information can be found at and by contacting your local council.

Madison Clarke – Miss Teen York Galaxy