As most of us have, I’ve been raising money for The Christie Cancer Charity.  I’m sure all of us have been touched by this awful disease in some way whether it be a loved one or a friend, who have fought with and survived or lost to its callousness.  I decided I also wanted to concentrate on a local organisation that is close to my family’s heart and one I wasn’t aware of its existence until tragedy hit.  Like everything in life, you don’t know what is out there until you’ve experienced it.

In October 2013, my step daughter was expecting our 2nd grandson, George.  She went to the hospital at 38 weeks for a routine growth scan to determine if they would induce her as George was a big baby.  It was at that point that they received the news that George had no heartbeat – devastating doesn’t even come close.  She was taken in the following day and had to deliver George naturally.  While at the hospital, they received a memory box.  The box contained a baby blanket, an outfit, photo album, teddy, clay to take impressions of the baby’s hands and feet, and a windmill for the garden or grave, to name a few.  The box was provided by an organisation called Scarlett Eve’s Fund.

3#’s Fund was set up by a couple in Doncaster who went through a similar thing of losing their daughter shortly after birth, who they named Scarlett.  After the grief came the idea of creating these memory boxes and Scarlett Eve’s Fund was born.  Although nothing can replace what is lost with a child, the comfort that a memory box brings is overwhelming, something so simple is so touching.

The organisation cannot be called a charity as for a charity you must take £5k per year regularly and as it is so small, they have not been able to sustain this amount.  I’m hoping that with my title I can bring some recognition to the fund and in time, help them become a registered charity so they can expand these memory boxes into other hospitals.  They are currently only able to fund boxes in our local hospital Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

For more information please take a look at their website

Corrine Binks

Mrs Doncaster Galaxy