Hello it’s your Miss Teen Tyneside Galaxy here, and I’m here to tell you all about how my pageant journey all started.

Ever since the age of 9 i dreamed of walking the catwalk and becoming a model, I was always a larger child and used to get bullied for my weight and size, this really knocked my confidence down and felt I was never going to be worthy on stage. I started a journey of losing weight and started re-gaining my confidence. A set back on my weight loss journey was unfortunately I developed anorexia which put me in hospital which then again decreased my confidence, self-esteem and ability to look beautiful.

Once recovered in march 2015 I participated in a catwalk showing off many different types of designers in Newcastle, I met Harriotte Lane who was making an appearance for miss junior teen Great Britain. I talked to her a lot about what the pageant was about and decided to do some research. I looked into many different pageants including Miss Teen GB, however This is when I found Galaxy!

I started reading about the Galaxy Pageants and sent in my application, I had no professional modelling photos and I was really clueless about what pageants were really about. Seeing all the beautiful finalists on the website page, made me feel extremely worried and just clicking the ‘send application’ button so many thoughts were going through my head.

In reality I never thought I would be accepted. What made me send it off was inspiration from other girls in pageants, my main inspiration at the point of sending it off was infact Harriotte, and while writing this I couldn’t thank her more.

So July 2015 I got accepted into the 2016 finals, laura-s-2and gosh was I shocked. This made me realise I was good enough and massively boosted my confidence. I didn’t still really understand pageants however I thought I would give it my all. The 2016 finals did approach extremely fast, and it was the best experience ever and extremely looking forward to the 2017 finals.

Throughout my pageant experience I have had highs and lows, and negativity from many different people. Pageants are a part of life, and all the hard work will always pay off in the end run. Charity work is now a hobby of mine rather than a chore, and if anybody is thinking about entering a pageant I highly recommend doing so, they have changed my life and given me so many different opportunities. Your not competing against others in my eyes your competing against yourself and feel proud of the achievements you have made, even if you don’t win. 

Lots of love 

Laura- Miss Teen Tyneside Galaxy