My name is Tracey Anson am forty one year’s old and married with two daughter’s.

You may be asking what makes me different and why do pageants . This is why I recently got diagnosed with Ehler Dan Los Hyper-mobility which means I have a faulty collagen gene and it is hereditary. For which I have baby soft skin , young looks , bruise easily , stretchy skin , dislocate my joints but inside am a eighty five year old and my internal organs are shutting down and my stomach cannot absorb food , nutrients and vitamins so am fed by a PEG ( a feeding tube into my stomach ) . As am completely nil by mouth so am on a special liquid food and feed over twenty four hours with breaks every two hours for water flushes through my PEG . Then in June 2015 I was diagnosed with Kidney cancer and had surgery to remove my tumour and have a kidney.

Amongst this I am dyslexic , IRLENS , asthma , seizures , mast cell , anaphylaxis , juvenile arthritis , scoliosis and lordosis of the spine and other health issues. Also been bullied , foster care and homeless in my life time.

I got fed up of being told I was not pretty enough , tall enough as am 4ft 9 inches tall and too fat to do modelling and pageants .This had to stop as life is for living and I wished to inspire others that you can achieve your dreams with a different look on how to achieve it and with help too.

With hidden illnesses comes “Oh you do not look ill ” what they do not see is you in pain twenty four seven , you trying to relocate any dislocations you have to the amount of hours it takes you to get dressed just to go out .So doing pageants is like climbing Mount Etna , months of preparing , get the energy up enough to do appearances and fundraising through to dress shopping in between hospital visits / admissions and having your feeds but it is so worth it .

I started my first pageant in April 2016 with DreamStreet United Kingdom heats for three Cancer charities . I got award outstanding Angel award . I meet a young lady who asked had I applied for Galaxy UK which I had but had not heard from them . In the meantime I was watching you tube videos of pageants , making friends with people who were competing in pageants who knew my friends by this time I had applied to Miss Beauty UK and was doing well despite my health having it’s tantrums . tracey-anson-2I made friends with Carmilla who was Miss Wheelchair USA and was asked that when they go international would I fly over and represent United Kingdom and I said yes , also approached to do Crown and Glory. A month later I found out I was a finalist for Mrs Sensational UK held by Romy Simpkins Miss International UK . So I left Mrs Beauty UK to focus on Mrs Sensational UK as I was struggling and travelling was becoming an issue. In between all of this a letter had arrived with the official Galaxy logo with trembling hands I opened it as I knew by email I was shortlisted out of thousands of married woman this was enough for me to show those with disabilities did not need their own pageants and we can compete with others and in mainstream pageants. I could not believe it I had been informed I was now a Mrs Galaxy UK finalist and representing my home town Coventry. Mrs Sensational UK came and I learnt a lot about myself and gaining confidence to my surprise I got awarded by the Mrs division Mrs Congeniality Sensational UK but what made me smile even more is hearing how I have inspired others to aim for their hopes and dreams and that means more to me than anything else. I cannot wait till three months time for Mrs Galaxy UK 2016/2017 finals to meet all the other contestants and wish them all the best .

My moto is; Live, Hope, Strength and Dream. 

Written By – Tracey Anson