Welcome to The Beauty Queen Diaries, I really hope you enjoy the site and find it both entertaining and helpful. The UK pageantry family is growing day by day and I think it’s so important that we make sure it continues to blossom for all the right reasons. Pageantry offers so many amazing life lessons, no matter your age.

In October 2014, I submitted my application to compete in Miss Galaxy England 2015. In hind sight I should have started writing this then, but if I am honest I didn’t think I would be accepted. But accepted I was and so begin my journey into pageant land.

Just like Dorothy arriving into the Emerald City, 10376916_474369696074631_1942082605882285247_nI had no idea it actually existed, let alone how wonderful it would be. Now coming into my forth pageant and third Galaxy, I thought it was about time to tract my story. My hope is to give an insight into pageants, and hopefully inspire others to take the leap. The world of pageantry I know is so different to anything I have seen depicted in film, TV or magazine. It’s hard work, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

For me the pageantry isn’t just about the clothes and sparkle, which I love, it’s about the charity work, the community support, the hard work, the determination and most importantly having a reason why. It doesn’t end once you have a crown on your head. Many UK finals lead to representing your country on an international platform, but it’s what you do with your title during your reign that is really important. I’ve seen some wonderful young women do amazing things. Some support a certain charity or raise awareness, so use there skills to help others achieve their dreams. It’s a huge responsibility, but a deserved winner will carry it will and put her heart, mind and crown to good use.